MainstreamA modular & end-to-end platform for governance participation.Participating in governance is fun, but not when if it’s time-consuming, overwhelming and disorganized. We think there’s a better way.
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GovernanceModule-based governance integrations, a Governance Record that gathers discussions and proposals, autopiloting governance, and so much more.
IncentivizationUnlock the joy of participating in governance. Power informed votes and high quality contributions.
Governance overlord.Anything you could possibly need to govern. And more.
Use identities & tokens to fine-tune access control. Don’t rely on Web2 infrastructure to complete authentication and encryption.
Modular governance frameworks. Integrate your favourite on- and off-chain frameworks across chains and tokens, as many as you’d like.
A unified Governance Record. Discussions and proposals under a single topic are merged into a single record that lives fully on-chain.
Autopiloting governance stakes. Auto-advance your governance stakes between off-chain and on-chain governance frameworks.
Drag-and-drop on-chain actions. Don’t know a single line of code? We got you. Just paste the ABI of the token and we got you covered for the rest.
Aaaaand so much more. We can’t even finish this non-exhaustive list of features that we’ve been working on.
Mainstream is in closed beta.We’re still pivoting, iterating, and making design changes daily. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey–sign up now and be the first to try out Mainstream.
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