Introducing Mainstream


Mainstream is a collaborative platform for DAO governance. Follow your DAOs and tailor it based on your needs.

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Modular governance.

Bundle your favourite voting, reputation, and other frameworks across chains and tokens, as many as youd like.

Drag-and-drop on-chain actions.

No coding experience needed. Simply paste the ABI of your token and drag and drop the action you want to take.

Advance notifications.

Receive notifications via email, Telegram, Discord, and more, so you can stay up-to-date no matter where you are.

Collaborative proposals.

Collaborate on proposals in real-time with drafts, comments, and edits.

A unified governance record. Consolidate discussions and proposals related to a single topic into a single, tamper-proof record on the blockchain.
Auto-piloting governance stakes. Seamlessly transition your governance stakes between off-chain and on-chain frameworks with automatic advancement.
And many more.
Stay tuned.